Our Story ....

A journey in working capital innovation!

The Bavelos Group Journey

We thrive on working capital success

At The Bavelos Group working capital innovation is a passion. Over a decade ago, we founded Xign Corporation and grew it be the leading global settlement network for business.  It began as an idea for electronic payment and soon became a better way of automating payables. From there, we discovered new types of payment terms and a breakthrough way to improve payables-related working capital. Xign was acquired by JPMorgan Chase but only after leading companies like Toyota, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Verizon, Sprint and dozens more had reaped substantial savings.

A simpler approach to better results

Bavelos is the next generation of our thinking – best practice consulting, turbocharged with analytics and easy-to-deploy enablement services. Our proposition is simple. We achieve 90% of the available value and deliver it with 5% of the implementation pain. We help increase cash from days payable outstanding (DPO) and generate savings from early pay programs. This is done without complex IT and process change. It creates a financial win/win that strengthens suppliers up and down the supply chain.

Delivering world-class outcomes

Bavelos strategies for working capital work across industries. They work globally.  And they bring value to all types of suppliers, both big and small. With our proprietary payment analytics, we take the guesswork out of optimizing working capital. We help organizations plan the best strategy and align organizations for success. Our enablement services make it easy, letting our clients stay focused on what they do best. The results are world-class: more cash and income, better cash conversion, and a better financed, stronger supply chain.