Supply Chain Finance

Not all organizations have the cash to capture early payment discounts. Not all suppliers can live with extended payment terms. In these circumstances, Bavelos has the experience to extend DPO using Supply Chain Finance. We can help forecast the benefits of various approaches, segment suppliers according to their needs and deploy outreach services to effectively implement the best strategy. What results is more cash on the balance sheet, a more efficient supply chain and optimal use of capital.

Wringing out the most value

Supply Chain Financing is a balance of value for you, your suppliers and the providers of capital. We can help you sort out the various options and precisely determine which ones to implement and which suppliers to target.

Third Party Financing Options

  • Bank financing
  • Non-bank sources of capital
  • Buyer Initiated Payment (BIP) Purchase cards

Expertise to put it all together

Change management and vendor outreach are the key factors for Supply Chain Finance success. Our experience and objectivity provide unique value add to help ensure top tier results.

Supply Chain Finance Services

  • Strategy development
  • Supplier segmentation and targeting
  • Financing provider selection
  • Implementation best-practices