Bavelos Group Live Webinars

Join us for one or more of our popular working capital webinars. These events are presented by Bavelos founder and president, Tom Glassanos. They are regularly scheduled and attendees are encouraged to register early.

Working Capital Planning: 

getting STARTED with the RIGHT PLAN

If you looking to get started and don’t have a plan, this is the topic for you. Even if you have a plan and want validation on how your thinking stacks up, you’ll find this session informative. Payment Programs:

Best Practices for BIG SAVINGS

Learn the key secrets on how leading companies deploy and manage Early Pay Programs to drive big savings and strengthen the supply chain.

Number-3-IconSupply Chain Finance: 


This powerful strategy is delivers you valuable new cash while enhancing supplier access to low cost capital. Find out how this win/win solution works, and how you can put this bank financing for suppliers to work for you.