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"This is the latest generation of the methods we pioneered nearly two decades ago."

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"The team at Bavelos are masters at capturing early payment discounts."

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Working Capital Analytics

Bavelos’ analytical benchmarking and forecasting capability can provide you with a precise understanding of your working capital performance and the opportunity to improve results. Using our unique vendor attribute database and proprietary predictive methods, our analytics help organizations cut through the clutter of daily operations to maximize cash and savings.

Eliminate the Guesswork

If your business is like most, precisely managing pay cycle performance and vendor terms can be a daunting challenge. What are the most important factors impacting DPO each accounting period? Which suppliers are most likely to accept longer payment terms or offer early payment discounts? How does your performance stack up against other businesses and industries? Now, with Bavelos’ analytics, you take the guesswork out of managing days payable outstanding.

Cash DPO Income Triange
What Bavelos DPO Benchmarking Does
  • Precisely measures DPO against peers
  • Identifies where and how to extend payment terms
  • Calculates potential for early payment discounts
  • Performs “what if” analysis on DPO and discount goals

Focus On the Greatest Return

Our analytics start by comparing existing trade terms and pay cycle performance against our vendor attribute database. Next, based on individual cash and DPO objectives, we precisely forecast the opportunity for improved results.  We then use advanced predictive analytics to micro-target improved terms for each vendor and assess the highest priority vendors to target first.  This includes clear recommendations to rationalize terms across vendors, improve compliance with terms already in place, and implement “dynamic discounting” methods to maximize flexibility.

Foundation for On-going Results

As you approach the close of each accounting period, how do you precisely know where you stand on your DPO goals? And if you knew how things are likely to close out, would you have time and ability to make informed adjustments? Our DPO Benchmarking are a perfect foundation for tracking and managing your DPO performance in an operational environment. We go well beyond ERP reporting, providing real-time insight matched against our vendor attribute database. We will give direction on what adjustments are needed and when. And we’ll help ensure you achieve the right balance of DPO, discounts and cash.