Bavelos Fully-Managed Programs

Bavelos Managed Services combine our advanced analytics and supplier outreach services to extend Days Payable Outstanding and capture early payment discounts. Using the latest generation of our best practice methods, Bavelos Managed Services are ideal for any finance operation looking to improve working capital and increase returns on cash.

Proven Compelling Proposition

Bavelos Yield-Plus™ delivers compelling world-class results using methods proven on over $1 trillion of spend and hundreds of thousands of trading relationships globally.   Bavelos Yield-Plus™ can improve days payable outstanding, cash, returns on cash, income and even supplier liquidity.

  • Extends days payable outstanding (DPO)  by as much as 5-15 days
  • Enables a 3-5x increase in the capture of early payment discounts
  • Generates risk free returns of 10-35% on cash deployed
  • Increases EPS and share price
  • Improves liquidity for vendors

Our methods work with both large and small suppliers, across global supply chains in industries ranging from telecommunications to automotive, from pharmaceuticals to retail, and from financial services to energy.

Precisely Targeted for Optimum Results

We first analyze and benchmark your current pay cycle and trade terms performance and quantitatively evaluate the scope of the opportunity.  We then use advanced predictive methods to micro-target optimal terms for individual suppliers adjusting parameters based on your specific cash and DPO objectives.  Our professional supplier outreach team then engages on your behalf to implement the customized targeting policy across your supplier base. You should expect initial DPO and discount results in as little as 90 days with full benefits in under a year.

Simple Outsourced Service – No New Software or IT Required

Unlike other approaches, Yield Plus™ is a service only solution, needing no new software and no long, complex process changes for your accounts payable, procurement and IT teams. Each deployment is customized with the unique terms strategy just right for your business. And our experienced outreach resources operate without impacting day-to-day operations, engaging your help on an exception only basis to ensure smooth communications and optimal results.

You Pay Only For Value Received

With Bavelos Managed Services, we’re so confident of our program that we turnkey the results and are compensated based on the actual value you receive. ROI is often measured in days and weeks. There are no on-going license or maintenance fees and the results of our efforts pay dividends for years to come.