What Clients and Experts are saying ...........

The Bavelos Group was instrumental to the success of our working capital initiative. I would be hesitant to tackle Supply Chain Finance and Dynamic Discounting without them.

Joe Selewicz – VP Finance Operations (retired) Verizon Communications 

With The Bavelos Group, you get an honest partner offering world-class working capital expertise.

Ben Shaffer – Director of Payment Operations (retired) Pacific Gas & Electric Company 

I had a great experience working with Bavelos founders at Kaiser Permanente. Their approach to Early Pay Programs is sound, and I highly recommend their expertise.

Sas Mukherjee – Chief Financial Officer Serco Global Services 

The team at Bavelos are masters at capturing early payment discounts. Supply Chain and AP both benefit from their valuable insight.

Susan Felix – Former Director Finance Enterprise Services T-Mobile

You’d expect the inventor of Dynamic Discounting to be an authority on the topic. That’s why Bavelos Group President, Tom Glassanos, has been a keynote speaker at every one of our Working Capital Summits.

Susie West –  Founder, CEO sharedserviceslink and sharespace

The Bavelos team were a valued partner for me at Sprint. Their expertise in early pay discounts brings tremendous savings to any enterprise.

Tammie Calys –  President, Transformation Management Consulting 

Bavelos founders first invented dynamic discounting and leading organizations globally are benefiting from this important innovation.

Henry IjamsFounder PayStream Advisors